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Food Grade(VOT) Jute Bags/Sacks

Sacking jute yarns that are used to manufacture jute bags/sacks are mainly processed in two different methods. One is Normal Grade jute yarn processed with Mineral Oils and the other one is Food Grade jute yarn processed with Vegetable Oils (Hydrocarbon Free).
Heavy Duty Natural Food Grade (VOT) Jute Sack Bag made in Bangladesh 

Normal Grade jute bags are fit for packaging most of the agricultural commodities like paddy, nuts, shelled lentils, soybeans, potatoes, onions etc. and Food Grade jute bags are fit for packaging rice, wheat, flour, coffee, cocoa beans etc. Since Food Grade jute bags are manufactured from the yarn processed with Vegetable Oils, these are also called VOT (Vegetable Oil Treated) Jute Bags.

Being Hydrocarbon Free, VOT Jute Bags are now becoming most popular for carrying food grains. Many countries are now using VOT Jute Bags for packing coffee and cocoa beans exclusively to maintain international standard of their products.

According to IJO Standard 98/01, food grade jute bags should not contain unsaponifiable matters exceeding 1250 mg/Kg. This could be determined by methods described at 2.401 by International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). This could be also followed by British Standard BS 3845:1990 or European Standard EN 766. New CAOBISCO method is also initialized recently.

Both heavy duty jute sacks and light weight hessian/burlap bags are made as Food Grade with different specifications.


Ethically We All Should Use Natural Bags to Preserve and Carry Food Grains

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